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Atlas Balancing

Each one of us humans, as well as most of the mammals, are born with the Atlas rotated at a positiion of 19 degrees or even more. This was first exposed by Rene C. Schumperli in the 1990's.

Dating back to the 1920's Dr. B.J. Palmer discovered that this little Atlas bone was extremely important for the body's functionality, which led him to establish an innovative technique for balancing this first cervical vertebra.

In the last few years, a dynamic breakthrough has been developed by Elisabeth  Westermann from Germany. She was guided to create a new paradigm that integrates body, mind and spirit called Atlas Balancing, a gentle, non medical, healing technology which is quickly spreading worldwide.

The Atlas bears the weight of the head and is the Gateway for the nervous system and spinal column. One of the major, least recognized, reasons of most chronic pain is a misaligned Atlas because it hinders the interactive communications between the brain and the rest of the body. If if is constantly compromised and unbalanced on one side, this ongoing pressure on nerves and the blood stream can lead to a whole series of dysfunction, which greatly weakens the body. By being turned, the body will continually compensate, creating asymmetrical strain and tension on joints, muscles and nerves that then causes a twisting of the neck, lower spine and pelvis. That continued twisting is when the body begins to have a myriad of symptoms that can develop into major pain related conditions. And, if a person has an accident, fall or even a difficult delivery while being born, this position can worsen.

How Does Atlas Balancing work?

Through simple energetic work and gentle touch around the neck and spinal column areas using sound-mantras, Sound Codes tm and toning, the body actually receives this information it needs for the Atlas returning to its balanced, stablized first vertebra position. A balanced Atlas is critical to the optimal function of your body's framework and nervous system. There is no manipulation. Atlas Balancing does not involve diagnosis or therapy in the physical sense.

Benefits from the session

On the body/mind/spirit levels the entire flow of nerve impulses from the brain that delivers vital functional information will redevelop by its own innate wisdom because your head is in its correct position. Many, many health conditions may begin to clear quite miraculously. Old tramas and restricting patters in the emotional and mental bodies may be released as well. Some detoxing can occur.

Energetically, the "kundalini channels" may open up and flow freely to create huge shifts in one's conscious awareness and personal growth.

The guided methods and focus of this inspired work have been chosen very carefully and are used for the benefit of the whole person. Atlas Balancing is completely safe and allows the body to use it's own healing capabilities once it has aligned itself.


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